In 2009, Dominique planned her first large event — her own wedding. During that time, she discovered a passion that extended beyond the excitement of her own celebration: the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from watching well-laid plans come to fruition. 

For years, she found charm in simple, everyday things to craft elegant engagements — weddings, anniversary parties, business events and more. Through her experiences, she developed refined styling capability and a heightened sense of her niche.

As owner of Wood Violet Events + Styling, Dominique specializes in telling client stories through her earthen lens, subtly expressing their individuality through rapturous events.



Real Flowers
Outdoor Weddings
Cooking and Baking
Kitchen and Car Dance Parties
Trying New Food
Tacos, Pizza, Burgers
Lifting Weights and Exercise
Folding Laundry
New Orleans


Listening to karaoke
Frigid Temperatures
Ignorance and Intolerance
Awkward Silence
Handwashing Dishes